Horsefly Service

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FueL Service

Race Trac Fuel
Regular Unleaded Gas
Marked Diesel
Marked Premium Gas
CanWest Auto Propane

Propane Cylinders
We can fill your propane cylinders of all sizes.

Praxair Welding Gases
Horsefly Services is a Praxair Depot for Oxygen, Acetylene and C-15 and C-25 gases.

Local SErvices

Lube, Oil and Filter

TIRES & Brakes

MufflerS & Exhaust

steering & Suspension


We strive to bring you auto repair that’s as rich in a good customer experience as it is in quality.


Our staff is as helpful in customer service as they are in auto repair. They’re always willing to go the extra mile and address any additional questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle; they’ll do everything they can to ensure you’re completely satisfied before leaving our shop.

We’re also available for your regularly scheduled maintenance, including winter and summer tire installation, oil changes, check-ups for your battery, coolant, and brakes, exhaust and suspension systems.

With our qualified staff at the helm of these services and the commitment to customer service, we’re an auto repair shop you can count on!

Trust the qualified experts at Horsefly Service for the most honest, affordable and reliable auto repair!