Horsefly Service

open 7 days a week * * Phone: 250-620-3447 * FAX: 250-620-3449


FueL Service

Race Trac Fuel
Regular Unleaded Gas
Marked Diesel
Marked Premium Gas
CanWest Auto Propane

Propane Cylinders
We can fill your propane cylinders of all sizes.

Praxair Welding Gases
Horsefly Services is a Praxair Depot for Oxygen, Acetylene and C-15 and C-25 gases.

Local SErvices

Our Staff

Our success comes from our emphasis on friendly, courteous service, with a goal of building long-lasting relationships with each one of our valued customers. We strive to bring you auto repair that’s as rich in a good customer experience as it is in quality.Our staff strive to provide excellence in customer service. With A Smile! Whether you come in for coffee and a bite to eat, Fuel, or Auto Service. We are here to be of Service to you!

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